Cornish Beach in Golden Sunshine

It’s finally our favourite time of the year; glorious sunsets ending warm days, pumping swells reaching our shores, lazy lunches on quiet Sunday afternoons and a little bit of normality is restored in The Duchy after a busy summer season. That’s right, Autumn is here and we barely even noticed it sneaking up on us. If you’re feeling the summer holiday blues, take a little time to remember why these next few months are by far the best time of the year.


Sunsets and Sunrises

September sun is by far the most beautiful – the sky at dawn is scored with purples, blacks and sparkling silver as the sunrise picks up the mist hanging in the fields, and sunset never fails to impress as the sky ignites in gold and bright pink. If you’re feeling down about the summer being over, wake up extra early or take a walk in the evening – the beauty of the sky will never fail to remind you it’s the little things in life that make it so special.


Empty Beaches

If your naughty dog is a sandwich thief, then walking on the beach in summer can be more stressful than serene. The end of holiday season means the beaches can be near enough empty on weekdays – hello stress-free dog walks and barefoot runs along the sand without dodging sand castles and windbreaks.


A Slower Pace

Summer can get the better of people when it comes to communication and contact – in Cornwall we live by ‘making hay whilst the sun shines’, meaning we often neglect quality time with family and friends due to the influx of work and pre-made plans. September means impromptu coffee dates, Sunday lunch with loved ones, aimlessly wandering the coast path with your best mate (plus furry friends) and just generally remembering to text people back.


Autumn Harvest

We source locally wherever possible, so our fresh produce changes with the seasons. We are looking forward to welcoming back leeks, pumpkins, blackberries and fresh chillis! Our chefs are always excitedly changing up the menu, creating new specials and experimenting with the catch of the day – just pop in to find out what’s been added to the Green’s Specials Board.


Fancy Dress and Fires

Summer might be festival season but Autumn is when all the good parties happen. Who doesn’t love dressing up as a zombie on Halloween? And are you ever really too old for sparkers on Bonfire Night? Also, we don’t think October is too early to start easing into Christmas songs either…

Have we managed to dispel the holiday blues with our list of Autumnal offerings? Cornwall is beautiful all year round, but September is pretty special; golden leaves, glassy waves, scores of marine life and the sea is the warmest it’ll be all year! We hope you’ll enjoy this golden season as much as we do.