People Sea Swimming in Cornwall

Cornish life is dictated by the sea; the tides, the surf conditions, the mood of the day. With a view like ours, it’s impossible to forget the ocean and our work days pass with a soundtrack of seagulls and the scent of salty air. The summer months bring swims before work, dog walks along the tide line at dusk and barefoot trips over to Rock on the ferry – whilst the winter means wrapping up against the elements and braving the storm to surf winter swells. There are even a select, hardy few who put their good health and wellbeing down to the fact that they swim in the ocean EVERY SINGLE DAY, rain or shine, throughout the year. We might not be part of that club; but we love the sea all the same, for plenty of different reasons. Here’s just a few…


1. It’s good for your soul

There is no better way to wash away your troubles than by diving into the icy ocean. For one, it’s so cold you can’t think about anything else, and for two, the sea forces you to disconnect; no phones, no computers, no hustle and bustle – just you, the water and the horizon. For many people it’s where they find solace and you’ll notice that many surfers and swimmers don’t utter a word to each other whilst they are at sea; they purely relax, enjoy the silence and let the water work it’s magic.


2. It helps you sleep at night

Did you know that a healthy dose of sea air aids your forty winks? As the air around the ocean is generally fresher and clean than everywhere else (#proud) and the levels of oxygen are higher, it improves your sleep – meaning you will feel more rested at the seaside than in the city! So if you’re struggling with a little insomnia or you just fancy an early night, make sure you pop down to the coast for your daily dose of sea air.


3. Salty hair and sandy toes

Beach hair is the best hair and who doesn’t love sun-kissed skin? You’ll notice most Cornish folk turn up to work with at least a little sand stuck to their legs, as we spend the entire summer balancing our work/beach lifestyle. We especially can’t get enough of September swims before evening shifts and swapping our morning showers for dawn dips – why not try it too?


4. It’s fun AND free!

Keeping yourself and little ones entertained doesn’t have to cost a bomb. Swimming, rock pooling and surfing is completely free and provides hours of fun! All you need is a swimsuit and a bucket and spade and the entire seaside becomes your playground – enjoy!


5. It’s part of our history

Cornish stories, myths and legends always always revolve around the ocean. Whether through the tall tales about smugglers and wreckers or local legends involving mermaids and pirates, you’ll find plenty a fisherman with a story to tell, always involving the beautiful Atlantic Ocean. See what all the fuss is about by boarding a boat or swimming serenely in calm waters, you’ll soon realise why so many of the stories start at sea.

The ocean practically runs through our veins and our hair is permanently salty come rain or shine, winter or summer – you can’t keep a Cornishman or woman out of the water! Why not dive in? You’d be surprised at how addictive it is!