Camel Estuary Panoramic

Obviously Cornwall is beautiful throughout each of the seasons; the baby animals of spring time, the beautiful golden leaves in autumn and the occasional snowy beaches during winter, however our happiest moments are those spent during the summer, outside in the glorious sunshine, sipping on something chilled. When the sun is shining, there’s really no place in the world we’d rather be. It was hard to choose just 5 things that make the summer our overall favourite time of year, but we’ve given it a go. Are they the same reasons you love summer too?

1. There’s so much going on.

Live music, food festivals, beach BBQs and super unique little events are held throughout the summer months in Cornwall, meaning you’re never bored and there’s always an excuse to get outside and be social. Whether you’re after sea shanties, local ales or dancing under the stars in fields, there’s no lack of fun things to do, delicious drinks to be sampled and yummy food to be enjoyed.

2. The beautiful weather.

When the cards align, the sun shines, the wind is light and the clouds are scarce, leaving Cornwall basking in gorgeous golden sunlight. Flip flops, sunglasses and summer dresses are practically uniform and it’s lovely to see our terrace teeming with people sipping on sparkling cocktails and soaking up the rays. We love jumping in the sea for a dip before work and cooling off in the shade with an ice cream on our lunch breaks.

3. Long summer evenings.

Sunset hunting, alfresco dining and pints at dusk are all better during summer. Those long evenings are practically dreamy and the golden hour is late enough that you can always make it to the coast in time. We just feel like there’s so much time to pack in all our favourite things, and we can spend as long as we like doing them!

4. May Day.

Easily any Padstonians favourite day of the year. The 1st of May signifies the start of summer and the May Day festival in town. The streets are strung with beautifully coloured ribbons and flowers, the may pole goes up and the echoes of accordions, bells, drums and singing can be heard in every corner of Padstow. Whether you’re taking part in the festivities, spectating or simply passing by, the entire event is unmissable and unforgettable, and we eagerly await it’s arrival year on year.

5. Trips out on the estuary.

Whether we are SUPing, kayaking, jumping on board a Padstow Sealife Safari trip or simply taking a wander along the beach, the estuary is alive with wildlife and blissfully serene during the summer. We are lucky enough to overlook the estuary from our terrace and the views are unrivalled when the sun is shining, the water is sparkling and the fishing boats of Padstow are slowly making their way back to the harbour.

There are so many reasons that we love summer – but that doesn’t stop us loving the cooler months too; September sessions, Padstow Christmas Festival and New Years Eve fireworks… In our minds, Cornwall is pretty perfect all year round!