It’s been just over two weeks since the UK went into lockdown and the people of Britain were told to Stay Home. Whilst some are relishing the down time, lounging in the garden and happily drinking mojitos at lunch time, some of us are finding it harder to settle into the routine of being at home nonstop. Below you’ll find a few of our favourite activities to do during quarantine, helping us to feel creative, calm and collected.

Growing Plants

In terms of seedlings, quarantine couldn’t have come at a much better time if you’re planning on planting a summer veggie patch. You can buy seeds in the supermarkets, so when you’re out stocking up on everyday essentials from the shops, why not pop a few packets of seeds in your basket? Lots of supermarkets are also now selling compost, and Trevisker Garden Centre are doing deliveries, meaning it’s never been easier to grow flowers and veggies. Herbs grow easily on sunny windowsills, whilst sunflowers pop up within in a week or two – turning from the tiniest seed into beautiful yellow beacons.

Daily Exercise

Government guidelines say that we are allowed one hour of outdoors exercise a day – and we are definitely making the most of it. If you’re lucky enough to be based in Padstow, then the Camel Trail is your oyster, where you can cycle, run and walk along the stunning estuary. As we’ve been blessed with wall to wall sunshine since lockdown began, it’s been great to see local dog walkers making the most of where we live. Home workouts in the garden are a great way to stay healthy and active whilst the gyms and pools are shut.

Reading and Relaxing

With life normally being so busy, we’ve taken this down time to really relax. Devouring almost a book a day, who knew the hours could pass so easily when you’re submersed in a great read? Fiction, cook books, home inspo guides and travel publications – no matter what you’re getting stuck into, you’ll find your mind is transported elsewhere the second you open the cover, and it’s definitely a good way of avoiding too much time staring at screens. Curl up in the afternoon sunshine with a cup of tea and a good book and quarantine will be over before you know it.

Ready, Steady, Bake

Everyone’s inner domestic goddesses and gods have been truly revealed in these times of home isolation. Open windows release the warm, freshly baked, mouth watering smells of chocolate brownies, banana bread, lemon cake and cookies, and there’s plenty of bowl and spoon licking going on within kitchens all over the county. Baking is fun whether you’re by yourself, entertaining kids, chilling out with your family or keeping your other half happy, so why not pull on a pinny and create some sweet treats to tide you over?

Rekindling Friendships

Everyone forgets to text back sometimes – modern life is fast paced and before you know it, it’s been a week since you didn’t respond to your best mate’s message. However, since we’ve been forced to slow down and stay home, we’ve become more connected to the people around us. We’ve had time to write out long emails to family members over seas, text friends we haven’t seen for ages and touched base with loved ones that we previously hadn’t found the time to contact. With so many people checking in on each others well being, it’s beautiful to see how even though we can’t physically come together, we are still looking out for one another. When this is all over, we know for a fact that there’ll be many coffee catch-ups, lunch dates and afternoon wines on the cards!

Being stuck at home can feel tough, especially if you’re used to constantly working, meeting up with friends, spending time with your family and generally being on the go – however, at this moment in time the best thing we can do is stay home, take care of our health and support the NHS wherever possible. The work being done by key workers and frontline staff is incredible and we must do whatever we can to make their jobs, and lives, easier. So stay home, take care of yourselves and if you’re finding yourself at a loose end – try out a few of our favourite quarantine activities. We cannot wait to welcome you all back onto our sunny terrace in the not too distant future!