Camping under the stars in CornwallStarry skies overhead and the distant sound of water lapping against sandy shores, coupled with the smell of coffee boiling on the campfire and your damp dog curled up at your feet – there’s nothing quite like camping in Cornwall if you want to feel close to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With so many beautiful campsites dotted across the county, you’re spoilt for choice and there will always be a location that tickles your fancy, whether you’re in the mood for the colourful harbour of Padstow, the still waters of the south or the breaking waves on the west coast.

From a foodie perspective, you get the best of both worlds. Fry up’s are pretty easy whilst camping, and the sound of sizzling sausages on a barbecue goes hand in hand with holidays in Cornwall. Making hot tea in a little metal kettle after a cold dip in the sea is better over an open fire, and when the smell of bacon wafts through the campsite it’ll get everyone’s stomachs rumbling! However, if the classic Cornish mizzle arrives unannounced, The Duchy is a hotspot for delicious eateries, quirky food vans, cosy pubs and famous bakeries, meaning you’ll never go hungry whilst on holiday. Treat yourself to sundowner beers in any number of the bars overlooking the beautiful seascapes and estuaries, normally within a stones throw of your tent.

Another thing we love about setting up camp is that it’s a great way of seeing the whole county. Tents can be set up and packed down within 15 minutes, (you don’t need to be a camping expert!) meaning you can stay for a couple of nights on the north coast, before jumping in the car and heading south to explore down there, all the while carrying your house in the boot! Most of the campsites in Cornwall are positioned perfectly for checking out the local area, scenery, beaches and villages, so you’ll hardly even need a vehicle when you arrive. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not pack up a rucksack, strap your tent to your shoulders and take on the South West Coast Path? The footpath that snakes along the coast of Cornwall and Devon stretches for an impressive 630 miles, and every single mile is that little bit different. If you take a look at the official SWCP website you’ll be able to find the campsites that fall along the route.

You couldn’t be closer to nature than camping unless you slept on the grass with nothing but a sleeping bag! Waking up with the sunrise, you’ll be amongst the lucky few who see Cornwall at this special time of day; before the holiday makers arrive, before the birds have even started singing, before the shops and cafes have opened their doors… Taking a walk at dawn across the beach is truly special, and a moment to be savoured. There’s also something incredibly peaceful about going to bed with the days end. The sun sets, the animals burrow into the hedgerows, owls begin their silent hunt and the only sounds for miles are that of the wind in the trees and the sea upon the shoreline. Often the only light is that of the moon, and Cornwall is also blessed with nationally recognised, incredible stargazing spots – perfect for seeing shooting stars, meteorites and planets.

Have we convinced you to forgo the hotel luxury and stretch out on your roll mat? We hope that you’ll enjoy camping in Cornwall as much as we do, and be sure to pop in for a cosy cuppa or a blissful bottle of bubbly to break up your camping stove experience!